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                Theme: “The Great Transformation” & Contemporary Crises  


Ⅰ. Macroeconomics & Contemporary Crises

Session01 Polanyi and Income-led Growth (10/12(Thu), 1:00-6:00pm)
part1. chairperson: Jung, Tae-in(Karl Polanyi Institute Asia)
_Wage-led Growth Strategies in Financialized Economies
Cho, Bokhyun(Hanbat National University)
_“Income-led growth” in Korea: Great expectation or wishful thinking?
Lee, Sangheon(ILO)
_Equality-led Development Strategies for Korea
Hwang, Sunoong (Pukyong National University)
_“Policies for wage-led development”
Onaran Stockhammer, Ozlem(Greenwich University), Stockhammer, Engelbert-Richard(Kingston University)

part2. chairperson: Stockhammer, Engelbert-Richard(Kingston University)
_Moon Jae-in Government’s Income-led Growth Policy
Kim, Hyun Chul(presidential aide for economic)

_Transformation of Export-led Growth in East Asian Countries
Uni, Hiroyuki(Kyoto University)

Session02. Polanyi and Contemporary Crises (10/12(Thu), 1:00-6:00pm)
chairperson: Ryu,Dong Min(Chungnam National University)
_Dual crisis of contemporary global capitalism: A need for a Great Transformation 2.0
Artner, Annamaria(Centre for Economic and Regional Studies HAS, Institute of World Economic)
_Polanyi’s “Curse” and Crises of the Second Great Transformation in China
Lyu, Peng(Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

_Polanyi research in Japan and His Intellectual Legacy to the 21st century: Neo-liberal States, Debt Nations, and Democracy going into Suicide
Wakamori, Midori(Economics Graduate School, Osaka City University)

Session03. Polanyi and the Ecological Crisis (10/13(Fri), 9:00-12:00am)
chairperson: Lee, Byeong Cheon(Kangwon National University)
_The developmental state’s approach to sustainable transition: Institutional misalignments and wind power development in China
Cai, Yifan(Graduate School of Geography, Clark University)
_The prospect of social and solidarity economy (SSE) now possibly emerging in the post disaster affected areas of Tohoku, Japan
Saito, Fumihiko(Graduate School of Intercultural Communication, Ryukoku University)
_Ecologization as double movement: The case of ‘The one less nuclear power plant policy’ of Seoul Metropolitan city, South Korea
Lee, Sang Hun(Hanshin University)
_A Polanyian View of Social and Solidarity Economy: Against Developmentalism-Functionalism
Hong, Gibin(Global Political Economy Institute)

Ⅱ. Polanyi and Democracy in Complex Society

Session04. Polanyi & Double Movement (10/13(Fri), 1:30-6:00pm)
chairperson: Kim, Sang Jun(Kyung Hee University)
_The World in a Period of Perilous Transformation: Economy, Society and the Double Movement Today
Thomasberger, Claus(University of Applied Sciences Berlin)
_Workers’ Counter-Movements in Contemporary Neoliberalism: Dynamics of Labor Unrest in South Korea, 1998-2013
Kang, Minhyoung(Johns Hopkins University)
_The Neoliberal Offensive and the Labor Reply in Osaka
Weathers, Charles(Osaka City University)

Session05. Double Movement and Populism (10/13(Fri), 1:30-6:00pm)
chairperson: Jung, Tae-in(Karl Polanyi Institute Asia)
_South Korea’s Candle Light Demonstration(2016-2017) as a Double Movement in the way toward Solid Democracy
Kim, Dong-Choon(SungKongHoe University)
_Is ‘Candle Demonstration’ in Korea double movement?
Nam, Youngho(Shinhan University)
_Austerity and Solidarity: Volunteering as double movement in Greece
Henshaw, Russell(University of Oxford–Institute of Social &Cultural Anthropology)
_Polanyi’s Double Movements and the Democratic Social Embeddedness: Red Vienna and Democratic Athens
Lee, Byeong Cheon(Kangwon National University), Choe, Eun kyeong(Kangwon National University)

Session06. Basic Income (10/13(Fri), 9:00-12:00am)
chairperson: Kari Polanyi Lavitt(McGill University)
_Basic Income as Income Insurance
Kang, Nam Hoon(Basic Income Korean Network)
_Basic Income and Real Freedom for Karl Polanyi
Shin, Jong Hwa(Incheon National University)
_Welfare state revolution: A Feasible Basic Income in South Korea
Kim, Kyo-seong(Chung-ang University), Baek, Seung-ho(The Catholic University of Korea),
Seo, Jeong-hee(Kunsan National University), Lee, Sophia Seung-yoon(Ewha Womans University)
_The Silence of Polanyi and Unconditional Basic Income
Geum, Min(Basic Income Korean Network)

Ⅲ. Polanyi and Theory

Session07. Polanyi and Theory 1 (10/12(Thu), 1:00-6:00pm)
chairperson: Won, Yong-Chan(Chonbuk National University)
_The Great Double Transformation of the 21st century
Brie, Michael(Institute for Critical Social Analysis of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation)
_Karl Polanyi’s Notions of Social Embeddedness and Disembeddedness: A Critical Reflection
Ji, Joo-Hyoung(Kyungnam University)
_Reconciling ‘Reformist’ and ‘Revolutionary’ Elements in the Thought of Karl Polanyi
Lacher, Hannes(York univeristy)

Session08. Polanyi and Theory 2 (10/13(Fri), 1:30-6:00pm)
chairperson: Hong, Gibin(Global Political Economy Institute)
_The Origin and Formation of ‘19th-century Civilization’
Kasai, Takato(Doshisha University)
_Polanyian Imapct on French Political Philosophy: The Idea of ‘capitalisme utopique’ and a Social Interpretation of Adam Smith
Ueno, Hiroki(Hitotsubashi University)
_Peace: A forgotten theme of Karl Polanyi’s The Great Transformation
Lim, Sang Hun(Kyung Hee University)

Ⅳ. Polanyi and the Social Economy

Session09. Polanyi and the Social Economy 1 (10/12(Thu), 1:00-6:00pm)
chairperson: Jin, Hyi-Seon(Kyung Hee University)
_Reciprocity & Social Economy Alternative in Asia: Historic Context, Historic Moment
Dobrzanski, Cristobal(Community Forward Fund), Kim, Yikyung(Sungkyunkwan University)
_Associative Democracy and Social Economy: Theoretical Discussions and the South Korean Case

Kim, Euiyoung(Seoul National University)
_Seoul Model of Social Economy
Jung, Tae-in(KPIA), Marguerite Mendell(Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy), Kim, Yeon-ah(KPIA)
_A local manifesto for economic opportunity and social protection: Polanyian principles and contemporary trends in the political economy
Southern, Alan(University of Liverpool)

Session10. Polanyi and the Social Economy 2 (10/13(Fri), 9:00-12:00am)
chairperson: Margurite Mendell(Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy)
_An Investigation of ecological potentiality of Polanyi’s thought: Tamanoi and Illich as Polanyian successors
Nakayama, Chikako(Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
_Influences of Polanyi’s thought on Yoshiro Tamanoi and the friendship with Ivan Illich
Maruyama, Makoto(Univeristy of Tokyo), Okabe, Kayo(LatLng corporation)
_Towards a “philosophy of soil”: A critique of industrial civilization in the history of economic thought of the late 20th century
Kuwata, Manabu(Fukuyama City University), Nishitani, Osamu(Rikkyo University)
_Re-organizing community as gift-based entity
Tsutomi, Hiroshi(Youth Employment Support Network of Shizuoka)

Ⅴ. Social Economy in Asia

Session11. Social Economy in Asia 1 (10/13(Fri), 9:00-12:00am)
chairperson: Lyu, Peng(Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)
_Solidarity and practices of sustainable consumption: analysing a consumer cooperative in Taiwan
Wahn, I-Liang(Feng Chia University)
_Rethinking Moral Economy in Life’s Work: An Anthropological Perspective
Seo, Bo Kyeong(Yonsei University)
_The Exploration of Reciprocity and Symbiosis Economy: A Case Study of Ancient Tea Horse Road; “How we can prevent Satanic Mills from moving?”
Rui, Dong-Gen(Pukyong National University)

Session12. Social Economy in Asia 2 (10/13(Fri), 1:30-6:00pm)
chairperson: Song, WonGeun(Gyeongnam National University Of Science And Technology)
_A Study on the Economic and Social vaLyues of Social Economy in Korea: Focusing on the Karl Polanyi’s perspective
Jin, Hyi-Seon(Kyung Hee University)
_Statistical Estimation of the Casual Effect of Social Economy on Subjective Well-Being
_Kim, Tae-Hwan(Yonsei University), Hong, Hoon(Yonsei University), Park, Jonghyun(Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology), Yoo, Chung Sik(Yonsei University), Jang, Jongick(Hanshin University)
_Social economy as organizations for substantial economy in South Korea-Is Social Economy in South Korea playing roles of Substantial Economy?
Joung, Won Oh(SungKongHoe University), Kim, Hyeong Don(SungKongHoe University),
Song, Seon Young(SungKongHoe University), Lee, Kyung Mi(SungKongHoe University)
_The meaning and role of collaboration between large company and social enterprises in the growing social economy of Korea
Kang, Minjeong(KAIST-Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology)
_Social Solidarity Economy and Worker Cooperative: The case of Happy Bridge Cooperative in Korea
Jang, Seungkwon(SungKongHoe University), Song, Inchang(HBM Institute), Won, Jong Ho(HBM Institute)

Ⅵ. Social Innovation in Korea

Session13. Social Innovation in Korea (10/14(Sat), 10:00-12:00am)
chairperson: Jung, Tae In(Karl Polanyi Institute Asia)
_Social Economy and Social Innovation
Mendell, Marguerite(Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy)
_Road to “Sharing + Social Economy City Seoul”
Park, Won-soon(Seoul Metropolitan Government)


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