Call for Papers: 14th International Karl Polanyi Conference

14th International Karl Polanyi Conference

“The Great Transformation” & Contemporary Crises”

Karl Polanyi Institute Asia (KPIA), Seoul, South Korea

October 12-14, 2017

Call for Papers

Call for Papers(English) Call for Papers(Korean) The Form (for reference)


The 14th International Karl Polanyi Conference will be hosted by the Karl Polanyi Institute Asia (KPIA) in Seoul, South Korea, October 12-14, 2017.

Colleagues at the KPIA are issuing a call for papers on the following wide ranging themes. As this is the first International Karl Polanyi conference to be held in Asia, the many themes proposed will provide an important occasion to bring together numerous perspectives, disciplines and practice inspired and influenced by Karl Polanyi. This conference will provide an opportunity for dialogue between scholars, students, practitioners and government representatives across continents with a large participation from Asia, for the first time.

As in previous conferences, we invite individual abstracts and/or proposed panels on a selected theme. In all cases, please provide your name, title, university, association or organization, and department or division.

Please send abstracts to with a copy to by May 31st, 2017. Confirmations will be sent to panelists by June 30th, 2017. A preliminary program for the conference will be available in early September.


I. Macroeconomics & Contemporary Crises
· Post-Keynesian Economics and Polanyi
· Polanyian Perspectives on “Secular Stagnation”
· Market Fundamentalism & Inequality
· Polanyi and the Ecological Crisis
· Economic Crisis, Social Policy and Welfare

II. Double Movement and Populism
· Anti-globalization Movements – Seattle, Occupy Movement, Anti-FTA, etc.
· New Right Populism: Brexit, Trump, Europe
· Candle Demonstration in Korea
· Polanyian Progressive Movements (labor movement, social movements, environmental movement, etc.)

III. Polanyi and Democracy in Complex Society
· Polanyian Alternatives for Contemporary Crises–Sustainable and Equitable Economy?
· Polanyi and Renewed Socialism
· Polanyi and Direct Democracy
· Basic Income
· Substantivist Economics for Local Economies
· Polanyian Perspective on the “Transition Economy”

IV. Polanyi and Theory
· Fictitious Commodities and Contemporary Crises
· Embeddedness of What?
· Polanyi and the Commons
· Polanyi and Marx; Polanyi and Keynes; Polanyi and Ostrom etc.

V. Polanyi and the Social economy
· Polanyian Thought and the Social Economy
· The Social Economy and Social Innovation
· The Social Economy and an Ageing Problem (including Japan)
· The Social Economy in Practice

VI. Polanyi in Asia
· The Social Economy in Asia (including economic and social value of the social economy in Korea)
· Polanyi Studies in Asia

    Key Dates     

·  Abstract submission deadline : May 31, 2017
·  Notifications of abstract acceptance or rejection : June 30, 2017
·  Full paper submission deadline : September 10, 2017
·  Conference dates : October 12-14, 2017

    Submissions & Contact    

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