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The 14th International Karl Polanyi Conference will be hosted by Karl Polanyi
Institue Asia (KPIA) in Seoul, South Korea, October 12-14, 2017.
As this is the first International Karl Polanyi Conference to be held in Asia,
many themes proposed will provide an important occasion to bring together
numerous perspectives, disciplines, and practice inspired and influenced by Karl Polanyi.



   TITLE         14th International Karl Polanyi Conference

   THEME       “The Great Transformation” & Contemporary Crises

   DATE          2017. 10. 12(Thu) – 10. 14(Sat)

   VENUE        8th Floor, Seoul City Hall, Seoul, Republic of Korea

   OFFICIAL LANGUAGE        Korean, English (Simultaneous Interpretation will be available)

   CO-HOSTED BY       3_CI영문좌우 ,  Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy, Concordia University 

   ORGANIZED BY        KPIA이미지로고Karl Polanyi Institute Asia, 한겨레영문CI Hankyoreh Economy & Society Research Institute



                KEYNOTE SPEAKERS

  Kari Polanyi Levitt Emerita Professor of Economics, McGill University

  • THEME   “Karl Polanyi for the 21st Century”
  • DATE       2017. 10. 12.(Thu) 10:30

  Marguerite Mendell Director, Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy

  • THEME   “Social Economy and Social Innovation”
  • DATE       2017. 10. 14.(Sat) 09:30



◎  Registration  fee : ₩  30,000    

  •  Foreign participants can pay cash or credit card on the day of the event.
  •  Pre-registration fee includes Korean-English simultaneous interpretation service, souvenir, speaker travel grants, refreshments.
Payment Account WOORI BANK 1005-502-727486 KPIA
How to send money https://spot.wooribank.com/pot/Dream?withyou=en

◎  Accommodation

  • The designated conference hotel is the “NEW KUKJE HOTEL”. Hotel reservations will be completed during pre-registration.
Room Type Price (per night) Remarks
Premier Double ₩110,000 *Prices include breakfast and taxes.
*Reservation: Please apply at pre-registration
* Billing: Pay directly at check-in
Premier Twin   ₩120,000 



  • If you would like to attend the “Karl Polanyi Researchers Network Party,” to be held Thursday, October 12, 2017, please apply, when completing online registration form.
Date Location Price (1person)
2017. 10. 12(Thu) 7:00pm Embassy of Canada in Korea ₩50,000

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 Theme: “The Great Transformation” & Contemporary Crises  

Ⅰ. Macroeconomics & Contemporary Crises

Session01 Polanyi and Income-led Growth (10/12(Thu), 1:00-6:00pm)
part1. chairperson:  Jung, Tae In(Karl Polanyi Institute Asia)
_Wage-led Growth Strategies in Financialized Economies
 Cho, Bokhyun(Hanbat National University)
_“Income-led growth” in Korea: Great expectation or wishful thinking?
Lee, Sangheon(ILO)
_Equality-led development strategies for Korea
Hwang, Sunoong (Pukyong National University)
Policies for wage-led development”
Onaran, Ozlem(Greenwich University) and Stockhammer, Engelbert(Kingston University)

part2. chairperson: Stockhammer, Engelbert(Kingston University)
_Moon Jae-in government’s Income-led Growth Policy
Kim, Hyun Chul(Presidential Aide for Economic)

_Transformation of Export-led Growth in East Asian Countries
  Uni, Hiroyuki(Kyoto University)

Session02. Polanyi and Contemporary Crises (10/12(Thu), 1:00-6:00pm)
chairperson: Ryu,Dong Min(Chungnam National University)
_Dual crises of contemporary global capitalism: A need for a Great Transformation 2.0
  Artner, Annamaria(Centre for Economic and Regional Studies HAS, Institute of World Economic)
_Polanyi’s “Curse” and crises of the Second Great Transformation in China
Lyu, Peng(Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

_Polanyi research in Japan and His Intellectual Legacy to the 21st century: Neo–liberal States, Debt Nations, and Democracy going into Suicide
Wakamori, Midori(Economics Graduate School, Osaka City University)

Session03. Polanyi and the Ecological Crises (10/13(Fri), 9:00-12:00am)
chairperson: Lee, Byeong Cheon(Kangwon National University)
_The developmental state’s approach to sustainable transition: Institutional misalignments and wind power development in China
  Cai, Yifan(Graduate School of Geography, Clark University)
_The prospect of social and solidarity economy(SSE) now possibly emerging in the post disaster affected areas of Tohoku, Japan
  Saito, Fumihiko(Graduate School of Intercultural Communication, Ryukoku University)
_Ecologization as double movement: The case of ‘The one less nuclear power plant policy’ of Seoul Metropolitan City, South Korea
  Lee, Sang Hun(Hanshin University)
_A Polanyian View of Social and Solidarity Economy: Against Developmentalism-Functionalism
  Hong, Gibin(Global Political Economy Institute)

Ⅱ. Polanyi and Democracy in Complex Society

Session04. Polanyi & Double Movement (10/13(Fri), 1:30-6:00pm)
chairperson: Kim, Sang Jun(Kyung Hee University)
_The World in a Period of Perilous Transformation: Economy, Society and the Double Movement Today
  Thomasberger, Claus(University of Applied Sciences Berlin)
_Workers’ Counter-Movements in Contemporary Neoliberalism: Dynamics of Labor Unrest in South Korea, 1998-2013
  Kang, Minhyoung(Johns Hopkins University)
_The Neoliberal Offensive and the Labor Reply in Osaka
  Weathers, Charles(Osaka City University)

Session05. Double Movement and Populism (10/13(Fri), 1:30-6:00pm)
chairperson: Jung, Tae In(Karl Polanyi Institute Asia)
_South Korea’s Candle Light Demonstration(2016-2017) as a Double Movement in the way toward Solid Democracy
  Kim, Dong-Choon(SungKongHoe University)
_Is ‘Candle Demonstration’ in Korea double movement?
  Nam, Youngho(Shinhan University)
_Austerity and Solidarity: Volunteering as double movement in Greece
  Henshaw, Russell(University of Oxford–Institute of Social & Cultural Anthropology)
_Polanyi’s Double Movements and the Democratic Social Embeddedness: Red Vienna and Democratic Athens
  Lee, Byeong Cheon(Kangwon National University), Choe, Eun kyeong(Kangwon National University)

Session06. Basic Income (10/13(Fri), 9:00-12:00am)
chairperson: Polanyi Levitt, Kari(McGill University)
_Basic Income as Income Insurance
  Kang, Nam Hoon(Basic Income Korean Network)
_Basic Income and Real Freedom for Karl Polanyi
  Shin, Jong Hwa(Incheon National University)
_Welfare state revolution: A Feasible Basic Income in South Korea
  Kim, Kyo-seong(Chung-ang University), Baek, Seung-ho(The Catholic University of Korea),
  Seo, Jeong-hee(Kunsan National University), Lee, Sophia Seung-yoon(Ewha Womans University)
_The Silence of Polanyi and Unconditional Basic Income
  Geum, Min(Basic Income Korean Network)

Ⅲ. Polanyi and Theory

Session07. Polanyi and Theory 1 (10/12(Thu), 1:00-6:00pm)
chairperson: Won, Yong-Chan(Chonbuk National University)
_The Great Double Transformation of the 21st century
  Brie, Michael(Institute for Critical Social Analysis of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation)
_Karl Polanyi’s Notions of Social Embeddedness and Disembeddedness: A Critical Reflection
  Ji, Joo-Hyoung(Kyungnam University)
_Reconciling ‘Reformist’ and ‘Revolutionary’ Elements in the Thought of Karl Polanyi
  Lacher, Hannes(York univeristy)

Session08. Polanyi and Theory 2 (10/13(Fri), 1:30-6:00pm)
chairperson: Hong, Gibin(Global Political Economy Institute)
_The Origin and Formation of ‘19th-century Civilization’
Kasai, Takato(Doshisha University)
_Polanyian Impact on French Political Philosophy: The Idea of ‘capitalisme utopique‘ and a Social Interpretation of Adam Smith Impact
Ueno, Hiroki(Hitotsubashi University)
_Peace: A forgotten theme of Karl Polanyi’s The Great Transformation
Lim, Sang Hun(Kyung Hee University)

Ⅳ. Polanyi and the Social Economy

Session09. Polanyi and the Social Economy 1 (10/12(Thu), 1:00-6:00pm)
chairperson: Jin, Hyi-Seon(Kyung Hee University)
_Reciprocity & Social Economy Alternative in Asia: Historic Context, Historic Moment
 Dobrzanski, Cristobal(Community Forward Fund), Kim, Yikyung(Sungkyunkwan University)
_Associative Democracy and Social Economy: Theoretical Discussions and the South Korean Case
  Kim, Euiyoung(Seoul National University)
_Seoul Model of Social Economy
  Jung, Tae In(KPIA), Kim, Yeon-ah(KPIA)
_A local manifesto for economic opportunity and social protection: Polanyian principles and contemporary trends in the political economy
Southern, Alan(University of Liverpool)

Session10. Polanyi and the Social Economy 2 (10/13(Fri), 9:00-12:00am)
chairperson: Mendell, Margurite(Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy)  
_An Investigation of ecological potentiality of Polanyi’s thought: Tamanoi and Illich as Polanyian successors
  Nakayama, Chikako(Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
_Influences of Polanyi’s thought on Yoshiro Tamanoi and the friendship with Ivan Illich
  Maruyama, Makoto(Univeristy of Tokyo), Okabe, Kayo(LatLng corporation)
_Towards a “philosophy of soil”: A critique of industrial civilization in the history of economic thought of the late 20th century
  Kuwata, Manabu(Fukuyama City University), Nishitani, Osamu(Rikkyo University)
_Re-organizing community as gift-based entity
  Tsutomi, Hiroshi(Youth Employment Support Network of Shizuoka)

Ⅴ. Social Economy in Asia

Session11. Social Economy in Asia 1 (10/13(Fri), 9:00-12:00am)
chairperson: Lyu, Peng(Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)
_Solidarity and practices of sustainable consumption: analysing a consumer cooperative in Taiwan
  Wahn, I-Liang(Feng Chia University)
_Rethinking Moral Economy in Life’s Work: An Anthropological Perspective
  Seo, Bo Kyeong(Yonsei University)
_he Exploration of Reciprocity and Symbiosis Economy: A Case Study of Ancient Tea Horse Road; “How we can prevent Satanic Mills from moving?”
  Rui, Dong-Gen(Pukyong National University)

Session12. Social Economy in Asia 2 (10/13(Fri), 1:30-6:00pm)
chairperson: Song, WonGeun(Gyeongnam National University Of Science And Technology)
_A Study on the Economic and Social values of Social Economy in Korea: Focusing on the Karl Polanyi’s perspective
  Jin, Hyi-Seon(Kyung Hee University)
_Statistical Estimation of the Causal Effect of Social Economy on Subjective Well-Being
  Kim, Tae-Hwan(Yonsei University), Hong, Hoon(Yonsei University), Park, Jonghyun(Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology), Yoo, Chung Sik(Yonsei University), Jang, Jongick(Hanshin University)
_Social economy as organizations for substantial economy in South Korea-Is Social Economy in South Korea playing roles of Substantial Economy?
  Joung, Won Oh(SungKongHoe University), Kim, Hyeong Don(SungKongHoe University),
Song, Seon Young(SungKongHoe University), Lee, Kyung Mi(SungKongHoe University)
_The meaning and role of collaboration between large company and social enterprises in the growing social economy of Korea
  Kang, Minjeong(KAIST-Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology)
_Social Solidarity Economy and Worker Cooperative: The case of Happy Bridge Cooperative in Korea
  Jang, Seungkwon(SungKongHoe University), Song, Inchang(HBM Institute), Won, Jong Ho(HBM Institute)

Ⅵ. Social Innovation in Korea

Session13. Social Innovation in Korea (10/14(Sat), 9:30-12:00am)
chairperson: Jung, Tae In(Karl Polanyi Institute Asia)
_Social Economy and Social Innovation
Mendell, Marguerite(Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy)
_Road to “Sharing + Social Economy City Seoul”
Park, Won-soon (Seoul Metropolitan Government)


●  8F, Seoul City Hall  (110 Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea)



Seoul Map Resource : http://gis.seoul.go.kr/SeoulGis/NewEnglishMap.jsp

 Subway Line 1 and 2 (City Hall Station Exit 5)

* Parking assistance is not available.


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